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VCT.SY. Hunan Victor Petrotech Service Co. LTD.

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Packers - Flow control tools & Chemistry injection tools

Subsurface safety valves - Nipples - Wireline tools

Compensating devices - Drillable bridge plugs - Gas lift tools

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ZYZJ Petroleum Equipment Co. LTD.

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Drilling Rig & Components : Electric drilling rigs - Mixed rigs - Mechanical rigs - Truck-Mounted Rig - Drilling pump - Winches - Rotary Tables - Overhead Traveling Cranes - Slurry Circulation System - Gearing (Chain Transmission)

Oil Production Equipments : CYJ Pumping units - APIC Pumping units - APIB Pumping Units - APIF Pumping Units - APIR Pumping Units - Oil Well Pumps

Work-over Equipments : Wheeled Tractor Hoist - Wheel-type - Work-over Rigs - Work-over Rig - Oil Tubing - Tubing Bimetal - anti-corrosion tubing - Casing - Sucker Rods - Drill collar - Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

Others : Barracks on the Well Site - Drill Pipe Centering Guide - Polish Rod Catch

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